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Reeds Law and Social Networks

David Cushman has brought together a lot of different pieces in a thoughtful article about Reed's Law and social networking. As I read his thoughts about our identity (personal rather than digitial), I'm reminded of a recent conversation Moira Gunn had with Goff Moore and David Thomson (podcast) about how we relate to each other in this first decade of the 21st century.
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The Longtail of Banking

This article from the Economist on the unbanked doesn't use the term, but what they're talking about is th long tail of retail banking. I have a friend who, a while back, didn't have any bank accounts. His life wasn't pretty. I've always had a jaundiced view of check cashing establishments--they seem to prey on the poor (and mathematically challenged). On the other hand, I have a friend who runs an emergency dental outfit and many of their customers are "unbanked." Teaming up with a check-cashing outfit allowed them to offer services to these folks--who usually don't have the
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Power Laws, Longtails, and Software

Yesterday I spoke to a group of about 60 students at UVSC and then in the evening, I addressed the BYU Unix Users Group. I spoke on Power Laws, Longtails, and Software. Here's the abstract: If you took statistics and are a Computer Scientist, chances are you learned about the wrong kinds of distributions. Hardly anything about CS is normal...or Gaussian for that matter. This talk will explore power law distributions and their relationship to Internet businesses like and Rhapsody. Having a tough time figuring out who to work for? Power laws can help. This is a fun
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