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An Update to the Microid Plugin for MovableType

Tim Appnel was kind enough to apply his formidable MovableType expertise to my MicroID plugin and made some significant improvements: There is no longer a need for an explicit context argument to the tag. The code senses the right context using MovableType voodoo (looks at the stash). There is no longer a dependency on Digest::SHA1. Apparently MT 3.0 and above has SHA1 code built in (see MT::Util->perl_sha1_digest_hex();) Other things like a localized error message and making the tag work in a recent comments loop. I've updated the documentation and you can download the new version there. Thanks Tim!
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A MovableType PlugIn for MicroIDs

Yesterday's entry on MicroID got me thinking that to be truly useful, blogs and other sites are going to have to including MIDs (as I call them) in every entry and comment as a matter of course. For that, you need a plugin. I've been wanting to learn to write plugins for MovableType for sometime, so I set out to do so this morning. The result is microid, a MovableType plugin that can be used inside MT's template system to add MicroIDs to entries and comments. If you look at the source for this entry, for example, you'll see
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MicroID - A Microformat for Claiming Ownership

This morning I learned about MicroIDs from Doc Searls. Jeremy Miller has proposed MicroIDs as a microformat that "allows anyone to simply claim verifiable ownership over their own pages and content hosted anywhere." A MicroID is a hash of two hashed values. The first is a verified communication ID (like an email address that you can prove belongs to you). The second is the URI of the site that the content will be published on. You end up with a unique, long string of gibberish that can be put in the header of a Web page or even wrapped
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