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My Truck Turns On My Office Lights!

I've connected by Fuse device to my office by means of a simple rule. Now my office turns on whenever I pull into the parking lot. This post describes how.
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A Metadata Interface for Spreadsheets

Mike Farmer asks why spreadsheets (including Apple's new Numbers) don't include ways of getting at data. Now that we have an easy way to assemble our data and make it look great we need a way to get at our favorite data. Imagine for a second, that on the left side of Numbers there is an option for getting your data from a Data Warehouse, Web Site, Web 2.0 interface (i.e. RSS, WebService, etc), or XML & CSV files. Now imagine that you click on one of those and you get a Metadata explorer that shows user friendly views
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Means, Motive, and Opportunity

I just finished a post at Between the Lines on the importance of the Massachusetts vs. Microsoft battle over whether Office is included in the Massachusetts enterprise architecture. Bottom line: government CIOs have had the means and motive to make such a move. Massachusetts' actions have given them the opportunity to make the same move. On the same subject, David Berlind's comprehensive report on the process Massachusetts followed in the ETRM process should be a must read for any government CIO or IT manager.
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