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Late Breaking News Session

My presentation on LDDI was in the "Late Breaking News" session since we basically missed all the deadlines. There were some other interesting presentations in that session as well. Daniel Harris and Niel Harris (no relation) presented Kendra, a non-profit initiative to create an open market for digital goods. They presented Kendra Base, a tool for describing digital goods using meta-data. They describe it as "a semantic information publishing and querying system prototype." They also called it a "provocation," meaning that they're hoping someone can do it better--they're just exposing the ideas. The user shouldn't have to know RDF,
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The Next Wave of the Web

Plenary Panel(click to enlarge) WWW2006 was started this morning with an introduction to the technical program. The conference is very competitive; of the 697 papers submitted this year, 84 were accepted or 11%. The plenary panel was entitled "The Next Wave of the Web." Nigel Shadbolt (University of Southampton) was the panel chair. The panelists were Tim Berners-Lee (W3C), Richard Benjamins (iSOCO), Clare Hart (Dow-Jones), and Jim Hendler (MINDSWAP). The discussion was mostly about the semantic web. Shadbolt asked Berners-Lee what the achievements have been in the semantic web since the first article appeared in Scientific American. He pointed to
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