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A Virtual Printer for OS X

Image by Aeternitas. via Flickr A few weeks ago I discovered the CUPS-PDF package for OS X. This package installs a virtual printer in OS X that prints PDF files to a directory. Why do this when you can "Save as PDF"? Because hitting one button is easier that hitting severa and selecting a directory. For 90% of the PDF printing I do, it's exactly what I need and for the other 10% it's no more work than the standard way. When I discovered it, I tweeted something about it. Then I upgraded to Snow Leopard and it stopped
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Concatenating PDF

Today I needed to combine a PDF file for a coverpage (produced from Word) with another PDF representing the body of the document (produced from LaTeX) into a single document. Turns out OS X already has a script that does this hidden deep inside Automator. The path is very long, so I'll break it up to lead you to the file: cd /System/Library/Automator/Combine\\ PDF\\ Pages.action cd Contents/Resources ls -l If you look at the Python script, you'll see some usage information at the top. I created a link to the script in by bin directory to make using
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