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PDX Principles

There was a lot of discussion around Personal Data Stores (PDS) and Personal Data Lockers at IIW East. Every time slot on both days had at least one and sometimes two sessions on the subject. (As an aside, if you're not familiar with IIW, the agenda is created in real time, by the participants, not months in advance by a program committee, so it represents more fully the interests of the participants than a normal conference aganda might.) I'm confident that this will also be a major theme at the upcoming IIW in Mountain View CA in November. The
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Referencing and Encoding Metadata

We need data permissions to be as portable as the data itself. So too for all metadata. Over the course of IIW East, I had a revelation (for me) that there's real power in having metadata encoded in the same format as the data itself and, in a related way, allowing self-refernce so that the meta data can be referenced from the document it describes. I think I've always believed that, but hadn't really articulated it to myself until yesterday. Certainly, this idea isn't new. Just look at XML for the largest, recent example. Nearly everything about and XML
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