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Using a Pre-Commit Hook to Check Puppet Syntax

The whole idea of Puppet is to put your machine configuration scripts in a versioned repository. This is good because I've found that a syntax error on a manifest not even used by the current machine will stop the puppet updates from running. One error anywhere kills the whole thing everywhere. So, being able to back out of a change is good. We can go one better however and keep people from checking in files that aren't syntactically correct using the pre-commit hook in SVN. If you don't use SVN, your repository probably has something similar. I followed these
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Starting Up svnserver With launchd

Last night when I messed up my account, I was trying to (re)set-up SVN on my laptop. I was following these instructions. They're pretty good, but they leave out how to actually get the launchd daemon loaded and working. I found these instructions on creating launchd daemons helpful as well as these on getting started with launchd. Here's specifically what I did after I'd created the svn.plist file: cd to /Library/LaunchDaemons Start up launchctl as root sudo launchctl Load the svn.plist file launchd% load svn.plist You can list the loaded jobs now to be sure it's there using the
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