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<em>The following link to columns I've written for <A HREF="">Connect Magazine</A></em>

<a href="">The Rise Of Connected Democracy</a>

  • My February column discusses the effects of technology on the democractic process.

<a href="">Technology Driven Public Policy</a>

  • My January column talks about how public policy discussion and decisions are usually hopelessly behind the advance of the technology itslef and the issues that causes for society.

<A HREF="">The Business Context of Digital Identity</A>

  • The November column is about how businesses can profit from a digital identity management strategy.

<A HREF="">Convergence</A>

  • The October column discusses how I solved my WAN cravings with a Sony T68i phone and found some other interesting uses for it as well.

<a href="">Escape From ETL Hell: The Real-time Enterprise</a>

  • The September column talks about business drivers that require real-time information and how traditional IT infrstrcutures have difficulty delivering.

<a href="">Conversational Synchrony</a>

  • My August column discusses instant messaging in the enterprise.

<A HREF="">Loosely Coupled Conversations</A>

  • My July column is about how people carry out conversations with other bloggers.

<A HREF="">Singularity Hints</A>

  • My June column is entitled Singularity Hints after a previous blog entry of that same name. In it, I talk about some trends in high-tech that I think are exciting

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