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Phil Windley| White Papers

A New Online Address for Utah Government - In summer 2001, we made the move to a single URL based on the .gov TLD. This white paper explains in layman's terms why using matters.

Asset Management - Managing IT assets is one of the most fundamental functions that an IT shop can perform. It also has significant value beyond the obvious accounting requirement.

Content Management - Large, complex web sites need more than a good HTML editor to make them managable and useful. Content management, personalization, syndication, metadata, and portals are the topic of this paper.

Cookies and Privacy - Confused about how cookies can reduce privacy on the web, what you can do about it, and why its still a good idea for web sites to use cookies?

Digital Identity and eGovernment - Governments are poised to be one of the key players in shared authetication services and can play an important foundational role. This paper argues that they should.

eGovernment Maturity - When we assess where we are with eGovernment and where we're going, its nice to have a maturity model.

Enabling Web Services - By following a set of cost-effective principles, custodians of large data repositories can enable web services by building web access to the data in a flexible manner that enables applications that haven't been built yet to have easy access to the data.

Homeland Defense - IT plays an important role in homeland defense. One of the most important things IT can support is a business continuity plan.

Modular IT Organization - When it comes to IT organizations, one size does not fit all. However, following the lead of an article in CIO magazine, I argue that the organizational model should be chosen by function, rather than by organizational unit.

Principles for Enabling Web Services - Organization have lots of data in legacy applications. This document sets forth a group of principles that will guide organizations as they make this legacy available on the net. Following these principles will enable web services that make use of that legacy data.

Product Mangement - Many IT organizations have a tough time aligning their service offerings with the businesses that they serve. The answer to this problem is product management, a discipline that has been used in software and internet development with great success.

Road to the Future - This paper considers a technical infrastructure maturity model and discusses barriers to Utah's progression in that model.

Tiered Support - Providing service that is reliable, available, scalable, and managable requires more than good technology, it requires the right organization and the right processes. This paper describes a model organization for providing high availablity web based services.

Utah's IT Plan (Toward Enterprise IT) - This white paper provides some details surrounding the Governor's plan for IT and eGovernment in Utah.

World Class IT - World class IT organizations have many attributes in common. World class is not "gold plated".

Some of my academic papers and technical reports are also available if you come in search of those.

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