OSCON 2004: O'Reilly Radar

Tim O'Reilly, in his annual O'Reilly Radar talk, made some interesting observations about the current state of application development:

  • Internet, not the PC is the platform
  • Apps are built on top of open source, but not themselves open source
  • Doc Searl's "DIY-IT" is a key to success
  • Sevices, not packaed applications
  • Source code + comilation != application
  • Exploring how to becone platform players via Web services APIs

The take-aways:

  • FOSS doesn't guarantee freedom when applications depend on network effects and data lock-in more than on software secrets.
  • Invite your used to build your services and your data, not just your code.
  • if you're committed to openness, set bold standards for user control of data.
  • Architect for participation via a web of smaall advantages.

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