This morning I ran across an iCHat utility called Chax that adds some features to iChat. One I was particularly interested in was auto-accept for chats. I get tired of having to hit "accept" whenever chats come in.

This afternoon Mail started crashing. After opening it up, it would just die after a few seconds. No warning, nothing. A quick look in the console showed that a crash report was being written to ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/Mail.crash.log. That showed the following:

Binary Images Description:
    0x1000 -   0x198fff 2.0.5 (746)  
  0x3f9000 -   0x3f9fff com.ksuther.chaxloader ??? (1.3) 

So, I uninstalled Chax and Mail came up a worked for a while, then crashed again. I'm at a loss now. More later, I'm sure.

Update: So, I used the suitcase nuke option: removed the mail preferences file and rebooted. I set up the accounts again and it found my mail boxes and things seem to be back to normal. I'm crossing my fingers...

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