From Personal Computers to Personal Clouds

The Advent of the Cloud OS

April 2012

Cloud Wordle

Phillip J. Windley, Ph.D., Kynetx

Other Authors in this Series
Craig Burton, KuppingerCole
Scott David, K&L Gates
Drummond Reed, Respect Network Corp.
Doc Searls, The Searls Group

Personal Computers to Personal Clouds explains why the future of personal clouds will be very different from what you have imagined. As more and more of our interactions move online, we increasingly have need of an online place that operates for us. Personal clouds must become more than appliances to achieve their real potential. While appliances provide value, they can't anticipate every need. They aren't flexible enough. This paper, from some of the Internet's leading visionaries and technologists outlines a vision of personal clouds as general purpose virtual computers. Making that vision real requires an operating system so that developers have a framework to work within. Operating systems provide a core set of services around identity and data as well as a programming model. Download a copy now to learn how those services will work.

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This whitepaper is part of the Live Web series. The Live Web Series sets forth a vision for the future of the Internet and our interactions on it.

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