Lindon Moves Ahead with UTOPIA

I live in a small city called Lindon with about 6000 residents.  Tonight the City Council had a vote on whether or not to move forward to the second phase (feasibility study) portion of the UTOPIA (broadband) project.  Going into the meeting, word was that the council was going to disapprove it 3-1.  

I'm a fan of the project and said so tonight.  Kelly Phillipps, CTO of Center 7, one of the city's high tech businesses and hopeful network services provider for UTOPIA, also spoke in favor of the city's participation.  In the end, they approved the approximately $40,000 necessary to participate in the feasibility study 3-1.  

Maybe we turned them, maybe they would have voted that way no matter what, but its nice to participate and feel heard.  Technology voices are needed in public policy debates.   

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:20 2019.