REST and Hyperlinks

Back in May, Jon Udell wrote a column in Infoworld called "Hyperlinks Matter."  I was fascinated by the column and that is really what led me to start a BLOG (OK, so I get sidetracked easily). 

I just finished reading the two articles by Paul Prescod [1] [2] on REST and the light has finally gone on about why I liked the "Hyperlinks Matter" column.  REST proponents make a powerful argument about why the web works and why we shouldn't be so quick to give up on some important concepts (like URIs) that have served so well. 

I think that's why I like WSIL so much compared to UDDI: its in tune with the web.   Its easy to understand, easy to implement, and uses existing tools and techniques.  There's nothing to say that the URI representing the WSIL description couldn't be machine generated.  That's the great thing about a URI. 

I think the other thing I like about REST is the notion that programming on the Internet is fundamentally different than programming on a single machine or even tightly connected collection of machines and we ought to recognize that.  RPC-like mechanisms try to absract the network away. 

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