Last week (before I went on vacation), Governor Leavitt announced a restructuring of IT in Utah State government.  The change was covered by the local press (The SL Tribune covered it as well, but has a stupid policy of only allowing access to the last week's issues without paying a fee). 

This change is designed to increase our capacity to create cross agency eGovernment applications as well as to strengthen the enterprise view of IT.  My life has suddenly gotten a lot busier as I work to implement this plan.  Its clear from the Governor's letter that he expects business line managers to be more conversant in IT and for IT to be more aligned with business. 

Utah has long been recognized as a leader among the various states in the management of IT and its use of eGovernment.  I believe that these changes and the direction they set will allow us to maintain that leadership in the face of some pretty stiff competition. 

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:20 2019.