About a year ago, I wrote a paper about using the utah.gov URL for state business instead of the state.ut.us domain.  State agencies took this to heart and I'm happy to say that most state web sites now sport the utah.gov domain and we're building brand with some advertising and things like the messages you hear while you're on hold. 

Another thing I asked was that employees adopt utah.gov as their email domain.  Previously each department (or division) used a different domain for email.  We set up a translator service and about 4000 people signed up for a utah.gov email.  Eventually the translator service became unwieldy.  We just finished (thanks to the hard work of lot of folks) creating a single master directory tree along with a unique UID for each employee in the executive branch (around 22,000).  Now everyone has a utah.gov email address and a UID that will stay with them regardless of where they work in Utah State government.   We've also got the infrastructure now to support single sign on for state employees.  This is a huge step.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:20 2019.