Information Additive Codecs and P2P Networks

I was just reading a great paper on using Information Additive Codecs (IAC) on P2P Networks on Doug Kaye's web site. Interesting stuff. As I understand it, the ability to receive content abstractions out of order allows multiple downloads to be recombined to create the original, even in the presence of lost packets.  This means, that you can get data streams from multiple peers simultaneously and reconstruct them into the original content without the peers having to coordinate their actions.   I was wondering if anyone has done any work in this area  that uses IACs in the presence of byzantine faults. My gut tells me there's something there and the work would be important since one would want to thwart the efforts of "bad guys" to corrupt a data stream by sending bad IAC data (think RIAA, for example).

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:20 2019.