My Hate/Love Relationship with Internet Explorer: An Open Source Story

Infoworld had an article this week on IE not locking down correctly.  What happens is that IE will display the lock symbol, when a proper SSL connection has not truly been established.  More details can be found in the original report by Mike Benham.  This is on top of the fact that since I started using XP, I get asked about a jillion times a day if I want to install the Java runtime environment (which XP doesn't support)  Yes, I know you can tell it not to ask you anymore, but I let it keep telling me so I can remind myself how much I hate Microsoft and their silly little games. 

I'd switch to Mozilla in a heartbeat but for on tiny little problem: I'm addicted to the slick WYSIWYG editing box in Radio.  I know, its silly, but I tried it and it was just too much work to enter all the HTML by hand.  I think this is a hurdle that open source has to cross.  The innovators will use it because its open source and be willing to put up with all kind of pain to do so.  The early adopters will want to use open source, but be driven back by problems like the one I describe above.  The late majority won't use open source until its the software that meets their needs better than closed source software.  No amount of philosophical chest thumping will change that. 

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:20 2019.