Provo's No Wrong Doors Policy

Friday, I had the opportunity to visit with some folks from Provo City.  There are a couple of interesting developments there:

  1. First, they've adopted a "no wrong doors" philosophy.  As implemented, there is a single number and customer service center that customers use to get answers to all their city questions and help with any problems.  You can call them about a broken water main or problems with your cable (Provo runs a municipal cable concern).  They've used a product called eWorks to create a CRM application that works for all they do.  Right now, each department has a task queue that they manage separately from their existing workflow, but their next step is to go through each department and integrate workflow into all their business process and tie them into the system. 
  2. The second cool thing is that this week they will launch a pilot of their fiber to the home project.  By tomorrow, there should be 200 homes online with fiber connections providing everything from Internet service to digital cable. 

Provo is a very progressive place and I'm anxious to see where they go.  They're big enough (over 100,000 people) to have the money to do things and yet small enough that its not like trying to steer a battleship.  I wish them well!

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