Visit from Jeff Henley of Oracle

I had the opportunity to go to lunch today with Jeff Henley, the CFO of Oracle.  Jeff was also good enough to come over to the Capitol and speak to a group of IT managers and Product Managers about Oracle's experience with eBusiness.  I'm sure most people won't believe it, given the content of his talk, but I didn't tell him what to say.  In fact he came because the Governor had met him, listened to his message and asked him to come and talk to IT folks in Utah. 

Jeff talked about Seven Tenets for Business Prosperity, his rules for eBusiness as it were.  They are:

  1. Consolidate and simplify IT
  2. Move to shared services
  3. Adopt self-service
  4. Automate all processes
  5. Leverage low-cost computing
  6. Ensure visibility and accountability
  7. Build a culture of agility

I believe these same principles apply in government as well.  Many people look at the list and say "what does this have to do with eGovernment?" but in fact, these tenets are, as Jeff pointed out repeatedly, about more than driving down costs.  They are at the core of working smarter and having better information to fulfill our various missions---in other words: eGovernment. 

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