NASCIO Member Session

I left home this morning at 4am (daylight savings time is my friend) so that I could get to St. Louis in time for the four hour NASCIO member's session this afternoon.  This is a business session that is about NASCIO as an organization whereas the rest of the conference is about issues, technology, policy, etc.  There are about 30 CIO's here. 

After going over the new strategy document, Gerry Wethington (CIO, MO) presented the business plan.  The business plan is a good document that identifies major areas of emphasis and where the dollars will come from for those areas.  This conference is apparently going to be well attended and this finances look pretty good for now. 

One of the pieces of business is the election of the officers for the next year, a process that seems more like common consent that an election.  The executive committee puts forth a slate of candidates and we say "aye." 

We're in the middle of the Washington Update at the moment including topics on federal legislation, budgets, and NASCIO's DC outreach efforts.  We'll hear from Health and Human Services and Homeland Security next.  

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:20 2019.