Privacy and Customers

Martha Rogers ( is talking on privacy and customers.  I'm really enjoying the talk.  Here are some thoughts from her:

There are no successful companies without customers, so companies need to:

  • get more customers
  • keep more customers
  • grow them into bigger custormers

Viewing the customer base as an asset, the customer base is the single best measure of the value of the company itself.

Random acts of kindness by customer-fiendly personnel are not the same as customer centricity

If I'm a successful company I need to know something about you that my competitors don't know and use that to do things for you that my competitors can't do.  Going to a competitor requires reinventing the relationship.

Focusing on relationship equity will refocus the company on people.   So, is privacy about compliance or is it about relationships with customers? 

Companies must:

  1. Identify customers, individually and adressably.
  2. Differentiate them, by value and needs.
  3. Interact with them more effectively and efficiently

ITS is in the throes of becoming a customer centric organization.  In the next few weeks they will release a roadmap of how they intend to get there over the next few years.  The issues raised by Martha are just as applicable to an internal service fund as they are for companies.  Further, they are applicable to any service organization, even those that are appropriated. 

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