Dave is getting pissed off at all the political spam voicemails: 

I got a voicemail from Rudy Giuliani, urging me to vote for Bill Simon for governor. At first I thought it was my brother imitating Giuliani. I thought to myself. "That's a good imitation." Then I realized it really was the former mayor of NYC, the hero of 9-11. He didn't leave a number for me to call him back at. I'm starting to get pissed at all these political spam voicemails. [Scripting News]

I'm not nearly as upset with the voicemails as I am with all the hang-ups.  The machines are programmed to only leave a message on an answering machine on the theory that people hate talking to machines, but won't mind listening to one on their answering machine.  So, the calling machines hang up if they get a live connection.  Since the number comes through as "unavailable" you don't know who to get mad at when it hangs up.   Diabolical, huh? 

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