Finding Books at the SLC Public Library

Let's say, you're on Amazon looking at a book and you'd really like to read it, but you're not sure its worth buying.  Then you hit on a great idea: you'll try something really old fashioned and check it out from the local library!  Now, you could schlep down to the library and look it up or maybe even go to Google and see if they have a web site; but, Jon Udell has provided a much convenient way: a bookmarlet (no pun intended).  Just drag the following link to the Personal Toolbar in Mozilla or the  "Links" toolbar in IE and then when you're looking at a book at Amazon, Borders, etc. just click the link in the toolbar.  You'll find out if its available at the Salt Lake City Public Library. 

Salt Lake City Public Library

This is really too cool for words.   Try it out.  Jon has a list of other libraries and some notes on how it works, once again demonstrating that the power of the Internet can be had in bits and pieces, a few scripts at a time. 

Update: This works just fine in Mozilla as well. 

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