With my resignation, I find myself, for the first time since 1988, in a position where I must buy a computer. With my own money on the line, I chose a Mac (actually, I chose OS X).

This week, my new 1GHz, 1Gb RAM, Gbe, Powerbook arrived. I've spent a few days moving all my data and work from the XP machine I used. I'm now pretty much completely switched over and the XP box has been relegated to a single purpose: Groupwise for the few remaining emails I'll get from the State. The week after next, I'll return it to the State and bid it good riddance.

Back in the old days (circa 1984) CMU was developing what they called a 3M machine: 1MHz processor, 1Mb RAM, and 1M pixels. IBM eventually created monitor they called the Megapel that had 1024x1024 (1M) resolution. It weighed about 150 lbs. We've, of course, passed the other two M's 1000 times over and now speak of G's. I've got a G4 and have managed to find three of the G's. I don't know where the fourth is. :-)

I've played with the iBook before and loved it, so this machine is just more of the same, but better: beautiful display and lightening fast. With 1Gb of RAM, you just keep opening applications and it just keeps going.

I'm not alone in absolutely loving this machine. Check out these articles in the November 15th, InfoWorld. This is truely a spectacular computer.

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