Veloxa is a subsidiary of eBiz Enterprises. Bruce Parsons is the President and CEO. Veloxa provides reconfigurable computing solutions based on FPGA technology. Second company in as many weeks, I've run into in this space.

Veloxa is creating tools that compile C/C++ into FPGA cores. Veloxa provides application specific cores that are pre-developed as well as development tools for creating customer specific applications.

Veloxa is targeting the seismic data processing in the oil exploration space, rendering in the entertainment space, defense and intelligence applications, genomic applications in the biotech arena.

Veloxa believes that their competitive advantage is in the application management infrastructure that they've developed (based on JXTA) that allows them to manage clusters of FPGA running multiple jobs, queuing data and cores, finding free nodes, and so on. Think of it as Tivoli for Linux clusters with application-specific FPGA-based co-processors. The management software takes requests that include data sources, data sinks, and processing needs and schedules the right core and data at an available node.

Veloxa has estimated that application-specific FPGAs could replace 30% of the current high performance computing market of $8.5 billion.

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