Wi-Fi Security Feature

My picture was on the front page of the Daily Herald today. Second time in the same number of months I've been on the front page of a paper. Its a little disconcerting to pull up to the gas station and see yourself in the newspaper machines. The subject of the article was Wi-Fi security and used the picture shown here of me with a pringles can antenna. In a sidebar to the piece (which doesn't appear in the electronic version that I can see) I offered the following bits of advice on Wi-Fi security:

  • Buy higher-end equipment. The cheapest wireless instruments provide only 40-bit encryption. 128-bit encryption at least takes a little longer to break.
  • For better protection, put the wireless devices in an untrusted portion of the network and use a virtual private network to access internal network resources. This provides a secure tunnel between the wireless device and the trusted portion of the network.
  • Stay out in front of your employees. Install wireless before the Jimmy in accounting does it for you---poorly.

Clearly, this just scratches the surface. I've written here before about Wi-Fi. I'm working on a more comprehensive white paper on the topic that I hope to have done soon.

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