Calling All Blogs

This blog was featured in the Tech Republic article (free subscription required) by Bob Artner. Other bloggers featured in the article include Dave Winer, Tim Oreilly, and Mike Chambers. I think its ironic that Dave is their first mention and yet Radio doesn't get a mention in the paragraph talking about blogging software. Go figure.

So far, the discussion comments are mostly on the "I don't get it" side. I think some members of the blogging community ought to go give them the answers. I think its interesting that the differences between blogs and web pages, public outlook folders, bulletin boards, and so on are subtle and yet so important. Most important, I think is that my blog is about what I want it to be; its an independent voice and anyone who disagrees with me can have their own independent voice. What makes this work is the tools we all use to form communities (like RSS, news aggregators, referrer logs, trackback, blogrolls, GeoURL, and so on).

I often tell people that starting a blog is a lonely experience because for the first month or so it feels like a monologue. Slowly, though you start to feel part of a community and can see the subtle undercurrents of interaction. You'd never design a communications system like this and yet it works marvelously.

As an aside, the article also calls me "Paul." That is not an infrequent happening. I have a cousin named Paul and he was the Dean of Art and Architecture at the University of Idaho while I was a professor there. That led to more than a little confusion. When we moved from Moscow, he bought our old house, that led to even more confusion.

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