Conference Wrap-Up

The conference wrapped-up with Tom Siebel and Governor Leavitt making a pitch for Utah as a place for high-tech build-out. What does this have to do with digital identity? its a message from the sponsor. Someone has to pay the bills. :-)

The panel I was on went well. I was the sole "customer" type there. Everyone else on the panel was selling something. I was the one who'd been in the position of buying. The conversation also turned to the role of government in the digital identity process and, as you know, I've had some thoughts in this area.

Here are some photos from the post-conference reception:

Rod Linton introduces Gov. Leavitt and Tom Siebel Natalie Gochner, Gov. Leavitt's Press Secretary
Gov. Leavitt presents a picture to Tom Siebel Val Oveson, Utah's CIO talks to Winston Bumpus

After the reception, Evelyn had five people at tables hosting small discussion groups on digital identity issues. Evelyn is good at creative interaction and this was probably a nice element of the conference, but I was beat, so I called it a night.

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