I had lunch today with Ragula Bhaskar, the CEO of FatPipe Networks. I really enjoyed talking to him. FatPipe sells network devices that aggregate bandwidth from multiple providers for use by a single LAN. Why would you want multiple providers? Redundancy and extra capacity. They essentially eliminate the need for complex BGP configurations by selling a canned, configurable device. I remember the headache we had installing dual OC-3's in the Utah Excite\\@Home office---and we were a networking company with some of the best network engineers around. FatPipe's market is ordinary companies that might combine a DSL with a T1 or even two ISDN lines. The installation is simple, just plug in the ethernet cables from the WAN routers and the ethernet to the LAN router or switch, log onto the built-in web server to configure it and you're up and running. Course there will always be some people who like to tinker with the routing tables. I'm not among them.

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