HB 240 Passes Establishing a VC Fund of Funds

HB 240, which establishes a contingent tax credit backed "fund of funds," was passed by the Senate yesterday with some amendments and sent back to the house for concurrence. The House concurred and so now HB240 awaits the Governor's signature before it becomes law. Here is the bills text as ammended. Here is a complete list of actions on the bill. In the end, 21 Senators voted for the bill and 7 against. Looking at the list of names that voted against it surprises me a bit. I thought some of them were a little more progressive than this vote makes them appear. The Governor has apparently indicated that he'd sign the bill, nevertheless, if you haven't writen to the Governor's office to express your support, you should.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:20 2019.