Industrial Advisoty Council Papers on Enterprise Architecture

The Industry Advisory Council (IAC) is a broadly based organization of information technology (IT) professionals representing more than 300 companies nationwide that provide products and services to the government. (It says so right on their website.) They have been very active in supporting the Federal government's enterprise architecture initiatives. Their website has a collection of white papers on enterprise architecture. I haven't read the papers, but I've been to several presentations by IAC members on the contents of the papers.

Many of the more progressive states are following the Fed's lead on this and doing the same thing with help from NASCIO. The semi-annual NASCIO conference is being held in Pittsburgh next week. I suspect that part of the program will be devoted to enterprise architectures. Maybe Rock will blog some of it for us who can't be there.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:20 2019.