I've got a bluetooth enabled t68i phone that I have a lot of fun playing with. I have an Ericsson HBH-20 bluetooth headset, but as you can see if you click out to the picture, its still got a wire and a little fob for the electronics that clips on your clothing. The other day, I picked up a Jabra Freespeak bluetooth headset at CompUSA for $99.99. Here's my initial review.

  • The Jabra is self contained and fits behind your ear. After a few days of using it, I can say that this is the most comfortable headset I've ever used. I had it on for a few hours while I was driving and my ear didn't get sore, it stayed in place, and no having any wires running up to it means that you don't get snagged when you turn your head suddenly.
  • People I'm talking to have reported that the conversation is clear and the voice-activated mike is doing a fair job at removing the road noise that my truck creates.
  • The unit comes with a recharger and the literature claims that you get 100 hours of stand-by and 3 hours of talk time on a charge.
  • Associating it with the phone was painless and it seems to seamlessly re-associate as I take the phone in and out of its presence.
  • The T68i's voice-activated answering and dialing work fine with it so you can use the headset with the phone in your pocket.
  • There is an on-off button on the device which also is used to answer the phone. It takes some practice to be able to effectively push the button with the headset mounted on your ear, but you get used to it.
  • The volume goes high enough to be painful, which I count as a good thing. I hate when you can't quite get the volume high enough in a noisy environment.
  • I love the Jabra earbuds. It fits snugly in your ear and is comfortable at the same time.

I was really debating in CompUSA whether I wanted to spend $100 on a headset, especially when I had one that worked. I'm glad I bought it. The one I had worked, but wasn't convenient enough for me to use. Now I've got something that meets my needs. Besides, a new gadget is a new gadget---if I can just get people to stop calling me Uhura.

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