Fibernet Smart Building

I had an opportunity to spend an hour with Lane Livingston, CEO of Fibernet, a local ISP. Fibernet has been around for a long time---they were one of the first ISPs in Utah County. I remember when we were both co-located in the Electric Lightwave machine closet in the Triade Center in Salt Lake City in 1995. I've known Lane for almost that long. Fibernet is almost finished with a smart building that includes raised floors throughout the office area, on-site co-location and hosting, conditioned power with back-up, great connectivity to a variety of providers, and IP telephony. This is the first building of this kind in Utah County and maybe the first in the State to combine all these features. The bulding also has a fantastic line-of-sight for delivering wireless Internet almost anywhere in the valley. I spoke on behalf of the Governor at the ground breaking ceremony for this building last year. I'm glad to see Lane and company doing well.

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