A few items of note for the final project.

  • You should be in the same group you were in for the first project. If that's not possible, let Grant know as soon as possible.
  • By tomorrow evening at midnight you should have emailed your languages preference to Grant. This is simply an ordered list of languages from the list in the report with three others that aren't listed there. There are hundreds of programming languages, so just pick some.
  • You'll need to find a working implementation of the language you're assigned. You may want to consider that before you order your list.
  • You won't be assigned anything that is familiar (like Java or C, so don't bother putting them on your list.
  • The write-up suggests you have a week to find and install an implementation of your language. You don't have anything like that. You've got a few days at the most. Part of this assignment is the finding and installing. If you don't think you can find an implementation of the language assigned to you, I'd better know very early (like Tuesday). Grant can help here as well.
  • Here are a few other language choices: XSLT, SR, MDP, PIC, Euclid, Miranda, Lucid, Juno, Mathematica, Pizza, GJ, etc.
  • If you're going to use Powerpoint for your presentation, You'll need to email it to me by noon the day of your presentation.

Relax and enjoy this. You're not supposed to be comfortable with these languages. That's the whole point. Just do a little research, pick some, and when you get your assignment, dive in.

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