Watches and Computers

The other day as I was driving to an appointment I glanced at the clock in my truck to see how I was doing for time. For some reason it struck me that I can remember when the only clocks in cars were wrong. I don't wear a watch usually. I've found that clocks are ubiquitous. I'm almost never somewhere where I can't find a clock. No need really to carry one on my wrist. The reason that people carry watches harks back to a time when clocks were not easy to find and yet time was becoming more and more important. They needed portable time to work in the world in which they lived. I think the analogy to computing is interesting.

While I don't carry a watch, I do almost always have a computer with me of one sort or another. And a personal communications device called a cell phone. This is largely because I can't find these things conveniently (and certainly not with access to my information) as I move about. Perhaps as computers and connectivity become ubiquitous, we'll also find ourselves leaving our laptops at home and relying on the computing devices we find where we are. That's a twist from how I've imagined the future.

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