Blogs for Project Management

Jonathan Petersen wrote a well thought out piece on using weblogs as project management tools. He says, in part:

Were I a CIO I'd be talking about blogs as a project/program management tool.  Most IT organization have 3 project management tools:
  1. email - used for workflow, document revision control, and messaging (well and for ass-covering to be honest)
  2. Microsoft Project - used for work breakdown and progress tracking
  3. Microsoft Powerpoint - used for project status/rollup reporting to senior management.
While I'm sure there are companies that are running project dashboard systems that enable workflow, source control, polls and discussions, etc. but I'd be willing to bet that blogs + RSS + trackback pings + Google would be significantly more powerful than whatever is currently in use in 95% of IT organizations. 

He goes on to describe scenarios for answering the "why is this project off track?" question using standard tools and using blogs. I think he's right: blogs could provide a very nice way to keep track of projects. He points out a few problem like lack of workflow that would have to be addressed with some other tool.

I think you could incorporate blogs and RSS into a tool that does workflow like @Task. That way you could sugar coat it a little and make the "writing" task seem like part of the project management tool.

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