Investigation Concludes

After my moment of stupidity last month, the state decided to have the Dept. of Public Safety conduct an investigation. They turned their results over to the AG's office which concluded that there was no "evidence that would merit criminal prosecution." There are some times when you're really glad to have someone else agree with you and this is one of them. The article in today's SL Tribune is pretty fair and factual.

The article states that I've agreed to pay restitution and that's something I'm happy to do. I think one could quibble with the amount. There's a claim that they spent 48 hours cleaning up after this and I'm very curious how all those hours were spent. Anyone who'd been on the other side of this knows that these numbers are always shaky at best. At any rate, its nice to have it concluded.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:20 2019.