Weblog Business Strategy Conference Wrap-Up

My panel is over. I felt like it went pretty well. We talked about start-up experiences, tools, culture, knowledge management, and alternate uses of blogs. The panelists were all well spoken. One issue that came up that I hadn't written about before is the hierarchy issue surrounding what a CIO, for example, might take as a casual response might have a much larger perceived effect. I'd like to do another one of these with a slightly different feel. Ask each panelist for take five minutes to present a case study (with a standard format, perhaps) ands the have the panel comment on each and let the audience ask questions.

Overall the conference has been good. There's been some good information, some insights, and a lot of seeing old friends and making new ones. Dan Bricklin has put pictures up from the conference. His are better than mine. He's got one of those Sonys with the big lens. I've been looking for a new camera and thinking about whether I should get a Canon Powershot A400 (small) or a Canon G5 (bigger lens). I've been leaning towards the A400 since I like to carry it around with me all the time. Maybe I should rethink that.

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