Brian Ingerson: Ingy on Kwiki

I'm in Brian Ingerson's talk on Kwiki. Kwiki is the PERL based Wiki software that is running the OSCON Wiki. Brian is the author of numerous Perl modules. One of the chief design goals behind Kwiki was to make it easy to install. Brian demos this by creating a new directory (that can function as a CGI directory), typing "install-kwiki" and there's an instant kwiki. That's a neat feature if you want to tack up and tear down wikis for specific purposes (like using them as an adjunct to a conference call).

Brian points out a few Kwiki sites: Quiltzilla and There are others.

Brian does a demo showing how to overload classes to change the formatting. he does this to show how the show the object oriented design and the overall design. The code is nice and clean and the design simple. Overall, this looks like a good, easy-to-use Wiki tool. I used TWiki for my class this last spring and it worked, but was difficult to configure and set up. This fall, I'll try Kwiki.

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