DIDW: Doc Searls Endnote

There's now a tradition that Doc closes out Digital ID World. Its a good conference strategy--I stuck around to hear Doc even though the desire to get into the sky and home is pretty strong. I'm glad I did. I can't possibly do justice to a Doc Searl's presentation, but here's some thoughts I had while I was listening.

Doc is speaking on the topic of "Myidentity, Ouridentity, Theiridentity," Andre's three tier hierarchy of identity domains and tying it into ClueTrain ideas. While he's been here, he created a vocabulary of identity buzzwords for his Buzzphraser application. Here's some identity phrases it created for me:

  • Properly Concerned Authorization Platform
  • Eventually Well-integrated ID APIs
  • Independently Hardened Disclosure Quagmire
  • Fiduciarily Influential Identifier Platform
  • Eventually Several Burden Tree
  • Inherently Productive Dispute Functionalities
  • Properly Related Access Proliferation

I'll be using this frequently in my consulting practice!

Doc talks about how our relationships with the tier-2 identity owners are very narrow. For example, I have a very narrow identity relationship with my credit card company. He shows the membership of Liberty Alliance and says its "scary." Does federated identity get us to broad, rich relationships?

What do we do with networked customers? We embrace if we're big, we enable if we're small. The answer is easy: think about what customers want:

  • Anytime
  • Anywhere
  • In the networked world

Wlcome relationships initiated by the customer. Let customers link to each other. Let suppliers link to each other. Can RSS and SMS help here? Imagine if by some really simple syndicated method we could express our desires and feedback to companies in personalized way. As people have new ways to express demand, mass advertising could die due to the inherent inefficiencies.

Google advertising is an example of this kind of personalized demand and supply. Google needs competition for our attention. Don't boil the ocean---just do some simple things.

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