ICANN Calls Verisign on the Carpet

Numerous people reacted with outrage over Verisign's DNS wildcard scheme. Apparently ICANN did too. Friday, Verisign announced that it will suspend the service so both sides can discuss it. From the InfoWorld story:

The controversial Site Finder service unveiled on the Internet last month by VeriSign Inc. was temporarily suspended by the company late Friday after the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) demanded that the feature be halted immediately due to concerns about its effects on the Internet. In an announcement late Friday afternoon, Mountain View, Calif.-based VeriSign, which oversees the main Internet database of .com and .net domain names, said it will suspend the service to provide time for both sides to discuss and resolve the matter.

When no one's in charge, this sort of thing is bound to be a problem. Mind you, I'm not advocating that someone should be in charge, but its interesting that even though there was general outrage within the tech community about this, there was little anyone could do. ICANN is well positioned to force a change. I'm glad they stepped in.

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