Salt Lake County Recorder Web Site Get and Public Access

eGovernment is largely about public access to information. What does that say, then about making web sites as widely accessible as you possible can? I think there eGovernment Web sites have an obligation to be as accecssible as possible. In this category, I have to give the Salt Lake County Recorder's Office a grade of "F". Here's what I saw when I went to their Web site:

I sympathize with web site developers who want to offer some neat functionality that's browser specific, but I think its decidedly broken to offer public services only to people who use a particular kind of browser, computer, etc. This site simply can't be compliant with Section 508 or the American's with Disabilities Act. I've got a lot of respect for Gary Ott and I think he's clearly clueful about many of the public records issues that eGovernment is raising, but I'm disappointed in this.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:20 2019.