Cell Phone Crisis

Just in time for number portability, my cell phone is not working. I don't know if its sun spots, equipment failure, or network problems. All I know is that my ATT GSM phone doesn't get a usable signal anymore. I tried looking on the ATT WS web site to get some indication if they were having network problems (I can hear you laughing already). Of course they don't post that kind of information there---they want to tell me about service plans and how I can download ringtones. Big help. New York Mayor Bloomberg is taking a lesson from the Internet and routing around cell service providers who won't release network coverage information.

The mayor of New York City has set up a line that people can call and report dead zones. The information will be collected and made available to the public on Nov 24th (the same day that number portability goes into effect). I'd like to see a Web site that let's people report and check cell coverage. You could go beyond cell coverage, of course, and show Wi-Fi hot spots, DSL and cable modem service availability---you name it. Could be a fun little system to build. Anyone want to help?

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:20 2019.