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Steve Gillmor has an intriguing piece that talks about the DeanChannel and its use by the Dean campaign to create a montage of news stories about the candidate on election day in Iowa:

Take Dave Winer's Channel Dean as an example. For the Blogerati crowd, this is no big deal÷an RSS aggregation feed compiled by one campaign's editorial board. For those who've mastered the non-trivial task of choosing and downloading an RSS newsreader, the feed was a quick way of absorbing one campaign's take on the confusing, fast-moving messages of the caucus denouement. For the RSS-oblivious, it may be seen as a wake-up call down the road.
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The article also mentions the impasse on DeanChannel over Dave Winer's posting of a public quote by Dean that some people in the campaign would have rather not had on their site. You live by the sword, you die by the sword. You can't take the advantages of the Internet without buying off on the honesty that has to go with it for it to work for you.

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