US Senate Rolling Out RSS

Ray Matthews is reporting on the RSS in Government Site that the US Senate is rolling out RSS:

Senator Joseph Biden (D-Del.) is the first senator with a RSS news feed for press releases on his official site. Feeds for other senators will soon follow according to Jason Blum in Enterprise Systems Support of the office of the U.S. Senate Sergeant at Arms. Plans call for what Blum refers to as "RSS relay agents." These are local customized feeds for hometown constituents for NOAA weather alerts and state news.

At least one other, Sen. Tom Daschle (D-S.D.), had a weblog on his official Senate site this past summer, but he didn't provide readers of "Travels with Tom" with a subscription feed.

From RSS in Government: Senate Begins RSS Rollout
Referenced Fri Jan 16 2004 10:25:38 GMT-0700

Ray has a list of feeds you can subscribe to now. He notes that the most sophisticated use of RSS by Senators isn't in the Senate, but in the Presidential campaigns of Senators Edwards, Kerry and Lieberman. Not surprising.

Sadly, neither Bennett nor Hatch have RSS available yet. If they did, I'd put it on the site.

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