Crucial Committee Meeting on SB66 Tomorrow!

The House Public Utilities and Technology Committee ( Committee Schedule) will be holding a hearing on SB66, the UTOPIA killer, Wednesday at 4pm in Room 225. If you've never attended a legislative committee meeting before, you'll enjoy this little exposure to sausage making. Its vital that the committee see a room full of UTOPIA supporters, not a room full of Qwest employees and US West retirees. Please go and support UTOPIA. If this bill passes, UTOPIA will be dead and so will Utah's chance to be a broadband leader instead of the broadband backwater that Qwest and Comcast are offering us. If you can't make the meeting, please write to you Representative and express your opinion. Calls count for more than emails. Faxes are a good compromise. Here is a list of the members of the committee. You can get their email address from the House roster.

  • Rep. Stephen H. Urquhart, Chair
  • Rep. Glenn A. Donnelson, Vice Chair
  • Rep. Sheryl L. Allen
  • Rep. Ralph Becker
  • Rep. Chad E. Bennion
  • Rep. Greg J. Curtis
  • Rep. Brent H. Goodfellow
  • Rep. Ty McCartney
  • Rep. Michael E. Noel
  • Rep. Gordon E. Snow
  • Rep. Michael R. Styler
  • Rep. David Ure

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:20 2019.