This morning was the first ever CTO Breakfast. I was originally calling it a CTO Forum, but there was already something run UITA with that name and, besides, it was just too formal for what we wanted to achieve. There are plenty of forums in Utah for entrepreneurs, people seeking funding, and so on, but no place where you can just get together and talk geek. That's what the CTO Breakfast is.

The folks at Canyon View Technology Park were kind enough to give me the use of one of the conference rooms just off the food court; we grab something to eat, sit around a table and talk about whatever comes to mind. Today there were about a dozen people there and we discussed topics from WiMAX to Virtualization to Service Oriented Architectures and Web Services. I was a little worried this morning that I'd invited a bunch of people to come and maybe no one would have anything to talk about, but that wasn't a problem. At 10am, there was still a group sitting around and talking.

We're going to continue to meet at 8am (come earlier if you can get out of bed--I was there at 7:30) on the fourth Friday of each month in the same place. I'd love to have you come. You don't have to be a CTO, just someone who likes to talk about technology. If you'd like a reminder, I've set up a low-volume mailing list that you can join and I'll send you a reminder and any other relevant news.

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