Utah passed a "spyware" bill this latest session. An article at c|net talks about Utah's efforts and those of other states to battle this latest threat to consumers and businesses. I wasn't a big fan of the law, although I lauded its intentions, simply because I'm unsure how effective it can be. I hate legislation that makes people feel good, but is basically useless. Another concern is that legislation regulating a technology is inevitably too broad and nets things that are not its intended target. The Feds have gotten into the act as well although its difficult to imagine how how Orrin Hatch is going destroy the computers of pirates if he can't install spyware. Maybe there will be an exception for the RIAA and MPAA? On a more practical note, doxdesk.com has a great list of spyware programs and anti-spyware programs for kicking them off your computer. Good defense for anyone who runs computers used by kids.

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