Bluetooth Better on the Mac

I've often wondered why more people weren't raving about Bluetooth when I found it so incredibly useful. I sync my contacts with my phone, use my phone for a wide-area networking device, and even have a Bluetooth headset for handsfree phone operation. I can use my phone as a slide show remote for my computer and even a remote control for iTunes that shows what song's playing. None of this was difficult or tricky, so what's the problem? This story in gives a hint at why Bluetooth isn't more widely used. Windows just makes it too hard.

When it comes down to it, there are still too many seams showing in Bluetooth on Windows. Sure, if you're a savvy user you can make it work. But unless you're really phobic about a few cables, why spend the time? And in this case, the Mac mystique has some substance behind it. Setting up my whole Bluetooth network on the Mac was quick and painless from start to finish--and truly wireless, unlike the Logitech DiNovo set.
From - Mac Skeptic: Is Bluetooth Better on the Mac?
Referenced Thu Apr 01 2004 19:28:00 GMT-0700

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